I Saw The Light on my Light up banjo!


The Question?

When I spend time with a horse
I like to do two things
Pet its head
And whisper the question in its ear

I yelled the question once
To a rhino in the field
He turned and gave me a stout look
No reply

At times I ask my dog
And get the usual head tilting
Tail wagging response
One would expect from a canine

I’ve never asked the serpent
Nor do I intend to get close enough

What is this question?
I’m sure you’re wondering

It stems from Romans 8:19-23
Where we are taught that one day
Animals will be delivered from the Bondage of corruption
Into the glorious liberty of the sons of God

If you are an animal lover
You ain’t seen nothing yet

Just wait until your beloved
Companions are delivered from
The curse of our sin
And will finally be able
To communicate with us face to face

So don’t forget to ask your favorite Horse, dog, pet or animal
The same question I asked in the field That day

Hey Rhino, are you ready to be Delivered?

No more saddles, fences or worn out Bodies working for man
It won’t be long, Jesus is coming soon, Hang in there!

Copyright 2008

The Question is an excerpt from

The Reflective Poetry of Paul Hinton.

All rights reserved.



I can smack you down

Without leaving a bruise

Or bash you to bits

Yet your body will remain unbroken

You’ll laugh until you cry

I will dry your eyes

Then help you visit the future

Forget the pills and counting of sheep

Your breasts are my pillows tonight

When I wake you up it will be in your head

To give you a glimpse of your soul

Some call me satan

But search the scriptures and you’ll find me there

I was with the pen of William Penn

On the mind of Einstein and

In the Carolina words of Carl Sandburg

To many I have given a row of sevens

Others have lost all to this wild-card-hand

Now read the title above from right to left

And see for yourself just who I am!

Copyright 1995

Paul Hinton

All rights reserved.